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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hi, jessica. >> reporter: hello. this is the second time uber is cutting its prices. the cut fare went into effect at 7:00. this is by more than 10%. for example, if you're going from midtown to laguardia airport, you're now going to pay $37.12. the old fare used to be 43.67. uber riders won't have to dig too deep into their pockets next time they take uber. the app is cutting prices by 15 percent. >> it makes me happy. i felt like they were always really expensive. so i'm glad to hear that. >> reporter: the general manager of new york says the reason they're dropping prices is to increase demand for the service throughout the city. he says drivers will feel the benefit of the local prices, too, because when demand increases, there's less idle time between trips and that the car. their drivers agree. >> anybody knows like that's the market.
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money. >> reporter: this isn't sitting well with the new york taxi alliance who were protesting outside uber. >> once again uber looks to make their wall street profits off drivers. >> it's shameful that the politics here in new york state prefer to protect our 64 billion company uber instead of the citizens of new york city. >> reporter: taxi drivers are accusing uber of destroying the taxi industry and leaving its drivers in poverty. >> uber will look to starve uber drivers just so they can basically starve taxi drivers. >> reporter: the taxi industry doesn't like it. they don't like competition. now they're competing for drivers. drivers are the real customers. drivers are leaving in droves. hundreds are coming to uber.
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workers alliance is asking uber to reinstate its fares and calling on the city council to step in and regulate the industry. back to you. ernie: let me ask you, uber has cut prices before. when was that? >> that was back in july of 2014. ernie: thank you so much for that report. all right. here's other stories making news for you in the headlines tonight. there could be a break now in the case of 20-year-old lauren spierer from westchester. she disappeared near her indiana university apartment five years ago. the fbi is searching the former indiana home of a convicted sex offender who may be linked to three missing person cases, including lauren spierer. >> a surprise longshoreman's strike has all but shut down the port system in new york and new jersey, one of the largest in the country. it is linked to a dispute between the union and the waterfront commission of new york harbor.
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oversees the ports, is urging workers to return to work. >> suffolk county's only medical marijuana dispensary opened today. columbia care is operating the dispensary on east main street. >> it means that patients who have suffered from, you know, cancer, h.i.v., als, epilepsy, have an alternative to some of the most powerful drugs available in the marketplace. ernie: patients need a card. that's what's happening in the news right now. nick is joining us. a nice weekend coming up. i heard you talking about the temperatures. temperatures. nick: the january thaw coming late. we joke about the january thaw. ernie: it's coming late. it's an amazing season we've had. nick: december and november were mild. january, we had our blizzard. now we're warm it up. by the end of next week, it will get cold. we flirt with another storm next week.
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ernie: not a blizzard. nick: well, it's too early to tell. as we move through february, the supportive for that because we'll have a lot of energy stream. if it's cold enough and the energy collides, you see what can happen. that's going to be a possibility as we get beyond the end of next week and moving into february. 41, 35 today. pretty average day. good-looking day at the start and then more clouds in the afternoon. a couple of flurries have been around. 39, 27 is where we should be. we'll be around those numbers tomorrow. 69 and 0 in the records. 7:08 sunrise. 5:09 sunset. now we're at 38. the air is drying out. the northwest wind has been busy in the last couple of hours. that will diminish tonight. pressure rising steadily. that's a good weather sign as we get the better weather for the upcoming weekend. 41 was the high in town and newark. it was low 40s across long island. upper 30s poughkeepsie to sussex. jersey shore hitting 39 for
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now it's 30s everywhere. monticello. 34 sussex. 36 hudson valley. upper 30s to 40 as you move across long island. back to 37 at bell belmar. the northwest wind will be 12 to 15, 17 miles an hour the next few hours and then start to diminish. we're looking for a westerly forecast. fox 5 sky guardian, not much going on. a couple of flurries west of allentown. on the bigger picture, there's been more organized areas of snow showers going into northern new england. they're all drying out as they come towards us. that will be it for the night. look at this picture. i want to show you the wide northeast satellite photograph. you'll see, if our graphics machine will cooperate, this. that's the storm that missed us that we were talking about was going to stay offshore. it's doing a number to the canadian maritimes. it's going to usher in chilly air for tonight and tomorrow. the rest of the country is
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this next disturbance will be sliding to the north. take a look at the futurecast that will show temperatures in the 20s to about 30 through most of the first part of tomorrow morning. 35 at lunchtime. nice-looking day. 39 in the afternoon. pretty good shape with that going on. this system stays to the north. sunday will be milder. we'll have sunshine and clouds and finally the temperatures will be heading up towards the upper 40s on sunday. this system comes in from the west as we head into monday. that may kick off a shower late in the day. we'll be looking for the potential for temperatures to break the 50 degree mark on monday. like i said, even milder than that as we move into the middle part of next week. patchy clouds tonight. it will drop to 27 in the city. we figure 18 to 25 as you get to the colder suburbs. nice-looking tomorrow. a little chilly, but we've seen worse. sun and clouds at 39. here comes the seven day. sun to clouds on sunday at 47. we'll be at 52 on monday. a couple of late day showers into the evening. 50 on tuesday. pretty good-looking day. look at wednesday.
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somebody could hit 60 on wednesday. then it's back down the hill. thursday and friday into the upper 30s by friday and we will watch to see what happens. ernie: 57 in february. how about that. that's incredible. nick: only for a day. ernie: that's enough sometimes. nick: it is. rejuvenate. ernie: thank you, nick. coming up next for you tonight, years after the tragic shooting of amadou diallo, his mother is fighting to keep his legacy alive in new york. she'll join me to talk about the foundation started in her son's name. and a big event that's coming up, we'll talk about that. plus we've got great shows next week. on tuesday, we explore the growing trend of open pay. why some companies think it's a good idea for employees to know their co-workers' salary. a very interesting idea. we'll talk about that next week. i'll be right back with more right after the break.
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ernie: welcome back to the news at 6:00.
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tragic shooting of unarmed immigrant amadou diallo by new york city police. he was shot outside an apartment building in the bronx. in this high profile case, it sparked outrage around the city. now many years later his mother has turned the tragedy into a campaign to foster racial understanding and a lot more. she has created a foundation in his honor. joining me right now here live in our studio. thank you for being here. >> thank you have for having me. ernie: we all remember the tragedy of what happened to your son and we mourn his loss, of course. and we can understand, you know, your feelings being a parent. that's so deep in your heart. you have done something now to honor his memory by creating this special foundation. tell us why you did that. >> i created the amadou diallo foundation in the aftermath of
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it was tragic and very painful. so i wanted to turn my pain into purpose to carry the mission and his legacy. my son came here to work hard, earn money and pay his way to college. he never got a chance. so the circumstance in which he was killed has created a rift in the city and nationwide. i believe his legacy should be turned into something positive. ernie: you're doing that. you mentioned his dream, that he wanted to go to college. now you're providing scholarships for so many young people. >> yes. before he came, he was well educated. he went to many different countries. he spoke five languages. he spoke french, english, thai, spanish and our native tongue. and he went to singapore. he went to international schools
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he went to singapore and he went to take computer science classes. but he always believed and had this american dream. he wanted to come to america to achieve his goals. ernie: you are honoring that dream and his life by what you're doing. you're working to improve community relations between the community and the police department. tell us about that effort. >> yes. we advocating and raising awareness on police and community relations, racial healing. when he was killed, many other cases came after. and i believe there is a need for understanding between law enforcement community and the community at large. because one of the things that is happening is the community rise up whenever there's a shooting case. and i have a very direct communication with many moms. ernie: i know you help a lot of families.
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when i got here, mrs. byers came forward and embraced me. i went to many events. children. now he was enrolled in college. together. ernie: look at the work that you're doing, the fine work. you also have a big event coming up which you want to mention. that's february 4th. >> february 4th is going to be a commemoration of his 17 years. one of the things that is difficult for us is that this anniversary, this painful anniversary, and the 1st annual dinner will help us to bridge the gap and also bring a forum.
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will be conducted by civil forefront. we will a panel of discussion. ernie: this is going to be >> that will bring out some solutions we're looking for. solutions. i like that. former mayor den -- dinkins will be there. can get. ernie: thank you so much for congratulations on the good work you're doing. good cause. >> thank you. okay. the weekend is here. any plans? how about this for a suggestion? check this out. dancing? well, are you a fan of dancing? i hit the streets to find out. stick around for some of your answers coming up in today's question of the day. and don't miss terrific shows next week. on wednesday, a closer look at the future of social media. we'll explore how the way we changing.
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limousine commissioner stops by. we'll get her take on the growing feud between yellow cabs and ride services like uber. you heard about that. don't miss out. all next week.
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ernie: russ is off tonight. tina is joining us. interesting story. an alarming rise of concussions
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tell us more about that. >> yes. today they released a report that shows that nfl concussions this past 2015 season are on a rise. not only are they up 32 percent, but this is an all time high in the last four years. this is alarming for a number of reasons. there's so much more attention being paid to concussions on all levels of the game. as we look at revis, who sustained a concussion for the jets and a scary contact with brown here of the pittsburgh steelers. so this is alarming. we hear about cte, which is that horrible critical condition of the brain trauma from repeated injury. and there is better awareness now. so that is where the numbers are coming from. so here are the compelling numbers. in the nfl report, diagnosed concussions are up by nearly 32 percent, which i said earlier. this is all season, pre-season, during the regular season and it includes practices as well.
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concussions diagnosed in 2015 were 271. ernie: that's a big number. >> they're broken down. practice ones were -- the practice numbers were 37. the rest of the concussions occurred in games. 234 broken down. how are they happening? helmet to helmet. contact with a playing surface, the ground, and contact with a shoulder. ernie: what's the nfl doing to help the problem? >> this says two things. the awareness is there. the game isn't going to change. it's a violent, dangerous game. ernie: absolutely. >> it is the most lucrative, popular game in the united states. we have our national holiday coming up february 7th with the super bowl, of course. that's not going to change. themselves at risk. these numbers prove that fact. however, i think this report says another thing. no. 2 is that the awareness is there. they are very critical now about that protocol. not allowing the players to get back on the field with those concussions.
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back out there. it is stay off the field, go on your protocol. you are diagnosed. that's where the num co frnie: the numbers are alarming. hopefully they'll do something about it, raise the awareness and do something about this. >> present the cte for the current players down the road. ernie: from the nfl to young people playing sports in school. thank you so much. all right. hey, we have a good question for you on this friday. when is the last time you did a little dancing? did you go dancing recently? >> not recently. i need to. ernie: it's my question today. you're going to love it. i'll be right back with that right after this break. >> new york is more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the greatest city in the world.
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>> people come to climb here. >> i can't look backwards. >> in the beginning you have the fear factor. >> that's so far down. >> i did it. whoo! >> i can't believe this view is in our backyard, two hours from new york city. >> we need to give you a fedora. >> how's that for attitude? >> the perfect fit is when you can look at a picture of yourself and say i looked really good. >> i've got a challenge for you. can you get me beach ready? what do you think? >> all right. >> who makes the most decisions in your relationship? >> my wife. >> she does. because? >> because she has better judgment. >> without a doubt, it's my woman. >> i'm a hands-on kind of person. probably me.
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ernie: let's talk about your moves. when's the last time you went dancing? >> i like to, but i haven't gone in a long time. ernie: why haven't you gone dancing? >> i don't know. i haven't had time. ernie: we've got to change that. it's important. it's good exercise. good aerobics. >> it is. it's a lot of fun. >> i like to dance, but my guy doesn't. ernie: you dance alone? >> i don't like dancing with other women. he's 80. he's set in his ways. he turned 80 yesterday. ernie: you teach him to dance. you love to dance? >> i do. ernie: let me see you move. >> oh, yeah.
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>> that's nice. ernie: where did you go last night? >> classes in my neighborhood. ernie: you take classes? >> zumba classes in my neighborhood. ernie: have you learned something really good? >> learned to move. ernie: let me see a little bit. oh, yeah, yeah. >> i dance to music when i study. ernie: do you dance with someone? >> with her sometimes. ernie: the two of you dance together? that's nice. you ever dance alone? >> yes. ernie: i love to dance alone. how about you? what do you do? >> i can't dance. ernie: you can't dance? you have to teach her how to dance. >> okay. let's dance. ernie: i love you guys. have a great day. bye. bye-bye. shall we dance? that's it. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, we thank you for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night and a good weekend. we'll see you again on monday.
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>> yes.
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